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Yeah so I had great plans for tonight after my real estate class. I was going to go straight to the gym because I haven’t been for a while. I was going to go straight to the gym, have a good workout, not strain myself but have a good workout and then come home and have a nice salad with grilled chicken strips, tomatoes, green leaf lettuce and other things that I like, along with low calorie Catalina dressing. That was the big plan and I felt really good about it.

Unfortunately, as I was driving home I happen to come by way of Hartz Fried Chicken. And I love Hartz Fried Chicken! So, I couldn’t stop my car from pulling into the driveway and into the parking lot. That was my first big mistake. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet. My second big mistake was ordering the buffet. So I was there and polished off two large thighs, a drumstick, a breast the size of a turkey, two helpings of rice and gravy, two helpings of green beans, one helping of carrots, a dinner roll, and two tall cups of pink lemonade!

So they got a wheelbarrow and dumped me into my car, and on the way home I had a change of plans. Instead of going to the gym and working out, because I paid good money for that food I didn’t want to lose it there at the gym, I figured the next best thing would be to go home, turn on the Olympics, and watch other people sweat and work out. At least that way I’d feel good about somebody getting a good cardiovascular workout tonight.

Now remember the moral of this story, which is, “There’ll always be more people starting their diet or workout tomorrow than those that started their diet or workout today”. So with that I bid you adieu! Goodnight!

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